Brian Ferdinand, Business Expert: How to Satisfy Your Corporate Housing Unit Guests

Interested in making your corporate housing unit stand out for all the right reasons? Yes, it’s critical that you keep your unit clean. And yes, you should focus on strategically marketing your property to your target client—whether it be traveling vacationers or traveling executives. However, there’s more you can do to make sure that your property satisfies clients and thus consistently produces revenue for you, according to business expert Brian Ferdinand in a recently released article. Let’s explore a couple of steps you can take to keep your clients happy.

Create a Homey, Attractive Environment

In the recent article, Brian Ferdinand, the managing partner of CorpHousing Group, explains that one of the smartest things you can do as a corporate housing landlord is to give your property that at-home yet in-vogue feel that your traveling tenants crave.

For instance, be sure to decorate your unit as though it were the tenant’s own home. Adding some stylish flare along with comfortable furnishings and bedding will leave the lasting impressing you want to make on every tenant.

Be Extremely Responsive

As mentioned above, the purpose of corporate housing is to make tenants feel as though they are at home. However, if you don’t quickly fix your unit’s broken toilet or restore its suddenly lost electricity, they’ll have a hard time feeling at home. The same is true if they discover that their beds have no sheets on them when they first enter the property.

Of course, mistakes can happen at any time when you’re landlording. And sometimes things happen that are beyond any corporate housing provider’s control. However, what sets a good corporate housing provider apart from a subpar one is how responsive the provider is when tenant needs arise. So, be sure to take your tenants’ calls and do all you can to keep them smiling.

 Take Advantage of Property Management

Finally, consider enlisting the help of a professional property management company, which can help you to keep your corporate housing business running smoothly. This is an especially wise move if you own your corporate housing unit on the side and thus are primarily focused on a 9-to-5 job or other investments.

Your property manager will handle tenant screening, the scheduling of maintenance calls, and payment collection for you. Likewise, a manager can handle complaints and other issues related to your property. This frees you up to enjoy some downtime while still producing excellent revenue on a regular basis.