Why Should You Use Galvanized Nails

When it comes to construction projects, you need to choose the right kind of nails that do not crack or shrink. These nails should last for a long time to make the project secure and free from any sort of threats and safety hazards.

Why are galvanized nails popular?

Galvanized nails are low when it comes to maintenance, and they are great against corrosion. They will not crack or shrink easily. They give you more resistance to abrasion and water. They are budget-friendly, especially when you compare them to other construction nails available today in the market.

Though the first-time costs of buying these nails seem a lot, they pay off as time passes as these nails are very long-lasting and durable. These nails are available on websites and local stores. When you are shopping for them, ensure you buy them from genuine stores that have credibility and reputation in the market. When it comes to online stores, check their reviews and customer testimonials to get a better insight into the quality of the product from existing customers. Compare sites to get the best prices.

The appearance of the nails

If you take a look at these nails, you will find they are glossy, smooth, and have a shiny appearance. However, experts in woodwork say they should never be used with redwood, cedar, or lumbar that has been treated. The reason being the chemicals present in these types of wood destroy the coating of zinc you find on the nails. This leads to the nails rusting with streaks around them.

For using galvanized nails with the above types of wood, one should choose the nails that have been mechanically treated. They are grey in color. You can also get pre-treated wood that is compatible with these nails as well.

Select the right nails for your project

When it comes to using nails for your project, you should choose the right ones. For projects that are indoors in nature, electro-galvanized nails are ideal for the task as they have a thinner zinc oxide coating. They generally have the least exposure to corrosive materials like the ones you get in pressure-treated wood outdoors.

Wood projects outdoors

For constructions and projects outdoors, hot-dipped nails are the best for your project. They are resistant to chemicals. When you are buying them, check the hardware label to see if there is the correct thickness of zinc oxide coating to withstand pressure-treated wood.

Note that nails, fasteners, and screws made of steel or iron are subject to rust with exposure and time. The galvanization process coats the nail or hardware with a zinc oxide layer. This offers protection of the metal from the threats of corrosion and rust without affecting its integrity. One specific galvanization process is electroplating or electro galvanization. Here, a thin layer of zinc coating is placed on the nail. It leaves a shiny and smooth finish. However, in the case of galvanized nails that are hot-dipped, they have a thicker coating that curbs corrosion for a longer period of time.